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Interior Redesign

Would you love to have a home that functions well and looks beautiful?  Are you happy with most of your furnishings and décor, but you feel that the overall vibe does not work for you?  If so, interior redesign is the answer.


Interior redesign is a more affordable and less time-consuming alternative than traditional interior design.  By rearranging your existing furniture and accessories, I can help you to transform your spaces using most of what you already have in your home.  If you choose, I can also assist you in making some minor changes or add some accessories, that will help you create your desired look.


Menu of Services

  • Individual Room or Whole House

  • Color consultation

  • Helping to choose lighting, flooring, tile, countertop…

  • Making recommendations for furniture, lighting, finishes, and materials

  • Creating a mood board

  • Exploring options for space with furniture layout

  • Researching ideas and information

  • Connecting to resources 

  • Styling with existing décor 

  • Help selecting new accent pieces

  • Decluttering 

  • Organizing


After an initial consultation and assessment, I can help to create a plan that is unique to you and your situation.  We will take into consideration your goals and work together to reach and sustain them. You may decide that you can move forward on your own with our plan in hand or you may decide that you would like support moving forward in the process.  Together we can create a plan that meets your needs as well as your budget.

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