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Are disorganization and clutter causing you anxiety and stress? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed in organizing and decluttering your home or office?  Our physical space has a direct connection to our mental state. An unsettled state of mind keeps us from being our most creative and productive selves.


After an initial consultation and assessment, I can help to create a plan that is unique to you and your situation.  We will take into consideration your goals and work together to reach and sustain them. You may decide that you can move forward on your own with our plan in hand or you may decide that you would like support moving forward in the process.  Together we can create a plan that meets your needs as well as your budget.


I will provide a list of places to go with your unwanted items.  Also, I will make recommendations for organizational products and services.  


An organized space will save you time and money by allowing you to function more efficiently and confidently.  Ultimately, it will allow more time for the things that matter most to you.


Menu of Services:

  • Decluttering and Organizing (individual room or space)

  • Decluttering and Organizing (whole house for everyday living or special event)

  • One-On-One Coaching Sessions (to establish and maintain organization)

  • Researching Organizational Solutions (home or office)

  • Designing Organizational Spaces (closet, pantry, drawers, shelves, files)

  • Shopping for Organizational Items (online or in store, within determined budget)

  • On-going check-in and support (as needed and desired by client)

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